FOCUSED, The Financial Freedom Formula

The FOCUSED Book is written by Jonathon Schultheiss as a tool to help individuals learn the basics of financial freedom. Jonathon uses a very simple to understand formula that can help anyone create financial freedom. The formula is, Ix-Ex=F2, where I is your Income, E is your expenses and F2 is the financial freedom you and your family deserve.

To simplify it, your income minus your expenses should be greater than zero. And the greater than zero it is, the more financial freedom you have. In the FOCUSED book, Jonathon talks about ways that you can reduce your expenses and increase your income to create financial freedom.

Because we believe this book can help so many individuals, we’ve decided to make it available for no cost. To get your free copy of FOCUSED, The Financial Freedom Formula, complete the requested information and receive your no-cost copy today.