Cup of coffee

What is that cup of coffee really costing you?

Today’s 2 Minute Financial Focus is to ask the question, “What is that cup of coffee really costing you?”

Everybody loves a good cup of Starbucks coffee.  I can smell it now, a venti skinny vanilla latte.  Umm. 

But what do you think that vanilla latte is really costing you?  $4.65?

Let’s say you got one every day.  And maybe you splurged a couple times a week and you got two in a day.  That means you were having 9 vanilla lattes a week.  At $4.65 apiece.   That’s $41.85 a week.  Not too bad, right! 

But what if you did that for a whole year.  That would be $41.85 a week for 52 weeks.  That’s $2,176.20 a year. 

What if instead you were to save that amount of money in your retirement account or investment account? 

If you put an additional $2,176 into your 401k every year, and let’s say you got just a modest 8% rate of return, what would that look like? 

This might shock you! 

Over a 10 year period that would be an additional $34,044. 

Over a 15 year period it would be an additional $63,809. 

And over a 20 year period, it would be a whopping $107,544. 

Now what do you think that cup of coffee is costing you? 

Here’s to drinking the free office coffee!  Bottoms up! 

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